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“It can either be a good wine or and old piece of furniture but what counts are the details.”

Artistic Solutions of Surniture since 2002


The historical company is called Restauri Lignei and was born in 2002. From the very beginning it deals with restoration of wooden items: rustic and fine furniture, golden frames and lacquered furniture. The purpose has always been the same: turn an old piece into something unique;  hence the importance of selecting the right color and shade.

The project GiakkeMikke was conceived in 2017 following the need for a revaluation of the simple and classic restoration work and distinguish it from the design work. We aim at increasing research and artistic experiments.

Here We Are!

First of all, apart from working together, we are also brothers.

Giacomo, carpenter and creative restorer in Florence


Michele, carpenter and researcher rare and unusual objects



Giacomo (Giakke), the youngest brother and owner of the company, discovered his passion for restoration in his teens when he attended Liceo Artistico in Florence (artistic college). Soon after finishing his artistic studies he worked as an apprentice for some old famous Florentine workshops, (very much like the old Renaissance masters) in order to learn the essential skills of any artistic or traditional crafts.

Giacomo Capperi restorer artist on an old traditional Florentine buggy
Michele Capperi on an old van restored in front of the artistic laboratory of San Casciano V.P. (Florence)


Michele (Mikke), worked for many years in the wine and agrarian sector, but he always had a passion for old things either antics or vintage.  After twenty years of hard work in the Tuscan countryside, he decided to devote himself to something more creative and exciting.

Restore and Create together with Style!

Different styles and working processes of two young men grown together who share the same passion for what is “well done”.

Artistic reinterpretation of restored ancient armchairs

Unique Style

Originality and blend of various styles of restoration and of artistic interior design.


Exclusive Items

Design and creation of sophisticated furniture, exclusive, unique and never trivial.


Rarity Research

Research of rare items from the past which can be transformed into unique pieces of furniture.


Creative Restyling

Re-interpretation of objects from the past and make them original, artistic and with a new use.

We Re-Invent Your History.

It is not the dis-order of our working place to impress the visitor, but the charme of the the very old items surrounding us and the flavor of old stories.

We feel the need to be lost in the past in order to find the right inspiration and re-create the missing pieces of a furniture or give “the story” an unexpected ending.

Vintage furniture recovered and restored
New use for World War Chests
Vintage antiques and modern art

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