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Industrial design bar counter

This time we went beyond our usual. This idea was born from observing the sides of an old wardrobe that we had taken apart some time ago with the intention of using its various parts in other works. We cut them and positioned them as sides for a bar counter. We have...

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Mahogany 40s fridge icebox

This 1940s refrigerator, which we offer for sale, comes from a historic store in Siena. At the time of purchase, the general conditions, particularly of the interior, were disastrous. The entire internal structure was disassembled, leaving only the frames. All the...

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Restyling of Louis XVI style bedside tables

What to do when you happen to buy a pair of veneered nightstands? Any restorer would have had to repair the veneer and paint and polish. But we are not the usual restorers and we are not satisfied with classical objects. The form and style (Louis XVI) were pleasant;...

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“Little birds in the bedroom”

  This interior environment, created for a agriturism, had to have a double function: to be a double room and a room with two single beds or sofas. Then room and sitting area. The transformation had to take place without disassembling, removing or adding anything...

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Restyling of an industrial chest of drawers

What you are looking at is the result of a bailout. When they called us to view some industrial drawers to buy, we found ourselves facing a half disaster. Those who had contacted us had seen fit to free them by cutting them with the chainsaw and also giving them some...

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An ancient warmer in the living room

  Low coffee table for the living room, made from a 1920s warmer. The idea of transforming a warmer into a coffee table was born by observing the particular shape of these objects, which lends itself well to being inserted between two armchairs. The tops are made...

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Goldsmith counter in the bathroom

When the customer brought us this old goldsmith's desk, the amazement pervaded us; for the beauty but above all for the conditions. It was one of those furniture that at first glance seems healthy, in reality it was largely to be redone. The request was to transform...

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Gramophone restoration

For this restoration we had to make use of all our experiences. Not only was the wooden part to be restored, but also the sound part. The engine worked but the sound was awkward and croaking. In this type of "talking machines" the sound comes out of the frontal doors....

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Restoration of a tortoise shell

The general conditions were not bad. Wear damage usual: in the ends of the legs and in some places under the crossbar and on the lid. The biggest problem was the not easy availability of the turtle. To overcome this, the reconstructions of the missing parts were made...

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Research is Artistic Inspiration

Looking for ancient objects that could inspire our creativity has always been pleasant and stimulating for us.

Contact us if you are looking for or want to evaluate your antiquities.

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