What to do when you happen to buy a pair of veneered nightstands?

Any restorer would have had to repair the veneer and paint and polish. But we are not the usual restorers and we are not satisfied with classical objects. The form and style (Louis XVI) were pleasant; two objects from the forties with a fir structure and well constructed. We started by completely removing the veneer and bringing them back to the wood of the structure; we also removed the tops and replaced them with poplar wood from the early 18th century. The drawers, which originally closed “flush” were modified by adding a small little frame to create the joke. We created a beautiful blue color for the outside and a pale lilac color for the inside of the drawers. The original handles, though well made, have been replaced by parts of the mechanism of ancient jealousies of the 18th century
A way of using furniture that anyone can have at home, but giving them the GIAKKEMIKKE style.


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