It was a restyling of the entrance to a restaurant, contextualizing it to the surrounding environment. Not wanting to use the classic barriques, now inflated and easily deteriorable on the outside, we decided to make two cylinders in cor-ten with galvanized iron bands, which recall the idea of ​​the barrel but with a modern and industrial flavor.


The bulletin board to expose the menu was born from the memory of the old panels for public billboards, on which was inserted a led strip for lighting. The sheet on which the sheets are attached by means of magnets has been previously galvanized and treated for aging.

The sign deserves a special mention, we opted for the characters of the 30s that once drawn on paper, have been transferred on an old wooden panel already treated with the background color, the rest is painting technique with colors prepared by us in the shop with natural pigments. Also in this project we used the collaboration of our locksmith who, on our design, made the metal parts.

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