This time we ventured not with restorations or furnishing projects but with three sculptures. The work, commissioned by Osteria di Passignano, gave us the opportunity to indulge ourselves on many of our weird ideas ….

Inside the sphere

Inside the sphere

The sphere.

Symbol of Renaissance perfection, it finds the right space in a place surrounded by beauty and harmony. Dissonant notes have been added to this “formless form” to make each sphere stand out even more.

Old barrel staves

Old barrel staves

Two are made with old barrel wood; layers upon layers like overlapping geological eras then rounded by hand. This material is a direct reference to the wine history that is the protagonist in these places. Before being a tavern, the building that houses them was a cellar. The molten metal that drips from above and forms a dripping pond symbolizes the water which, together with the work of man and the earth (the sphere) nourishes and grows the vine, a symbol of Chianti and the driving force of a large part of these places.


Overview of the metallic sphereThe third sphere symbolizes the physical fatigue of those who, in first person, have lived in these countryside for centuries: sharecroppers first, then peasants. Metal plates are pieces of sheet metal from various rural objects such as buckets or sieves and old pipes, including copper pipes. The half oxidized with bronze, rust and copper, puts us in front of time that, inexorably passes and transforms everything. At the beginning the metal is not oxidized but the weather, the air and the water make it dark, green-blue but no less beautiful.

It’s different. Transformed into something else.


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